About JIA

Goals and Objectives

  • It is a private independent non-profit organization that aims to expand and support the development of the activities of the investors and industrialists of south east Amman and the surrounding industrial areas.
  • Hold seminars to discuss general issues related to investors and manufacturers, to suggest workable solutions and provide the investors and members with the best consultations to encourage the investment sector and manufacturing.
  • Hold exhibitions to introduce the Jordanian industry and its advantages in coordination with the concerned authorities in both the public and private sectors.
  • Collect information on investment, economic, financial and industrial activities in Jordan and abroad to present it to the investors, prepare and distribute newsletter for specialized industries and investment activities for its members and stakeholders.
  • Create specialized centers to collect and exchange information on investment or goods in either production or services in which the members of the assembly are interested in, either directly or through coordinating with local and foreign consultation bodies.
  • Plan and execute programs that aim to develop the Jordanian industry and export.
  • Coordination between the investors and the public sector and participate in various committees to exchange experiences and promote a culture of support for local industry.
  • The association works as a liaison between the Amman Chamber of Industry and Jordan Industrial State Company on one side and all stakeholders and its affiliates. It works hand in hand to deliver all the grievances and complaints of investors and work together to solve these complains.

The association does not have or involve in any activities in the political, religious or sectarian fields.