Emerge from the board of directors of five committees:

Investors Affairs Committee:
Formed from a number of members in the Board of directors, and members of the Public Authority, it focuses its concerns with following up all issues which concern the investors, and finding the best approaches to solve them, these problems include the concern of professions Licenses, Civil Defense requirements, recruitment of foreign workers, custom procedures and sales tax.

Administrative Committee:
Is responsible for all matters that concern the committees hold meetings, coordinate with all the Ministries, official committees and responsible for any other matters that concern the investors.

Technical Committee:
It is formed by members of the board of Directors and the Public Authority. It is concerned with all the technical issues within the geographical area such as the Purification Plant. It also organizes all the relationships with all the relevant departments and institutions like Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization, Food and Drug, Ministry of Environment and the Military and Civil Service Consumer Corporations, whereas the committee sets periodic meetings to discuss and express the opinions regarding the procedures of these committees, and arrange meeting to the factories on regular basis, as well as participate in many divisions driven from these committees.

Local Community Service Commission:
It makes up from a number of members of the board of directors and members of the public can sum up its work in organizing the process of providing support the local community, and creating a mechanism to communicate with the community and consolidate the relationship between industrialists and their community.

The media Commission:
Its work summarizes in media committee covering which is necessary for all activities of the association and organizing the relationship between the associations with the daily newspapers.